Web Order Features

Web based order application for all distributors and sales reps, supports for all windows browsers and mobile browser. Web order will allow your customer and sales reps to order all the 24hours and 7 days through web based application ‘web order’. The retailer can directly download the purchase invoice of his supplier and also Purchase item excels for purchase import purpose. Sales rep and retailer can view the outstanding and stock

WebOrder !..

  • Easy To Access
  • Saves Man Power from order phone calls
  • High Accurate order and complete Transparency
  • Order from anywhere and anytime
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Smart Order Features

Smart order can work Both Online and Offline mode, offline mode allows your sales reps, sales order without internet connection and whenever network connected it will automatically synchronize with the server. Smart order is very helpful for remote area & network reaches out areas.

  • Orders

    In smart order, you can place order to the provider based on Product name, Company name or Category.

  • Invoice

    Classify costs under various classifications for rearranged cost tracking.Monitor the receipt payment status.

  • Invoice History

    To Check stock of items your distributor have before placing the order to providers.

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  • User Control

    Our product is user-friendly, intuitive user interfaces reduces data entry time.

  • Classic Design

    Our mobile App is user-friendly environment and specially design for distributor and there salesman to take orders from their retail clients whenever, anyplace.

  • Outstanding Report

    Concurrent view of invoice bill and outstanding balance view to check payments due.

Web Report

Used to View reports associated with Sales, Purchase, Accounts, Inventory

  • Easy To Analysis Executive Target & Achievement
  • Designation wise Menu access control
  • Easy to export Excel & PDF options
  • User Wise Customize Colors and Show/Hide Column Settings
  • Access from anywhere and anytime
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Tally Integration

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